Melissa Sterrett Baron

Thursday, July 17, 2003

Melissa Sterrett Baron

Melissa Sterrett Baron has more than seven years of experience setting strategic product direction and ensuring the market success of enterprise software products. A veteran of both start-up and public company environments, Sterrett Baron has taken multiple products from concept to launch, as well as handling prioritization and specification of ongoing support and enhancements. Key to her success is the ability to quickly research and learn the requirements of a variety of industries – including banking, mortgage processing, insurance, government and retail.

Skilled in product positioning, pricing, licensing and negotiation for OEM components, Sterrett Baron ensures both the market and fiscal success of her software products. In addition, Sterrett Baron has a high level of technical competence with J2EE products, Web-based architectures, application servers and more.

Sterrett Baron previously held the title of Director of Product Management at a business to business incubator, where the goal was to take a software concept and bring it to life with a complete management team, version 1 software product and necessary go-to-market materials and staff in six months. She has also held the title of Director of Marketing, Senior Product Manager and Senior Product Marketing Manager at several companies in a variety of markets – including travel, eProcurement, CRM, document management and collaboration. In addition, she holds an International MBA from Pepperdine University.


phone: 858.353.1368